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 Dreaming to be Vintage Original of Jeju

VINTAGE JEJU, three old stone houses were reborn as a stay. It is a space that reinterprets the old space of Jeju, which conveys that we can create something valuable and new even if it is old. We have considered the shape of the house that goes well with the landscape of the Yongsuri where the nature and fragrance of Jeju remained. We hope that you enjoy the time here with your loved ones here.

VINTAGE JEJU is made up of three single houses.  The Poolhouse has an indoor pool where you can also swim with warm water all year around, and has duplex structure that is sufficient up to 8 people. Stonehouse consists of two buildings facing each other, and you can enjoy a private open-air bath. Cottage, the smallest unit of the houses, is a space for just two people such as lovers or friends. There is no kitchen, so it’s perfect for those who just want a simple break. 

The theme of VINTAGE JEJU is 'BIG PARTY'. If all three houses are used, up to 18 people can stay. If you're looking for a private and pleasant space to spend a special day with your family, such as for Small Wedding, First Birthday or the other Anniversaries, feel free to stay here. Have your own party in Jeju's landscape, away from everyday life. It will be the best place to make memories for everyone to cherish for a long time. 

3 Type of house in VINTAGE JEJU
3 Type of house in VINTAGE JEJU


Pool house is 2-story house and have indoor pool where you can enjoy swimming in warm water at any time. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and is recommended for unusual party house.


The stone house, which consists of two houses, is a stone house full of Jeju Island. You can stay up to 6 people. You can enjoy kitchen, big table, open-air bath in structure that touched old house.


Cottage with the motif of the smallest house is suited to two people like a couple, a friend, etc. With no kitchen, it is only for relaxation.